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SCP: National pride about sports performance in the Netherlands is decreasing

Although the Netherlands is in ninth place in the international medal ranking and there is more government funding for top sport, national pride in sport performance is declining.

When asked if an Olympic medal is as valuable as a school diploma, 29 percent of the population responded in 2007, in 2015 only 12 % agreed. The viewing figures for sporting events such as the European Championships and World Cup are also decreasing, especially if no Dutch toppers are participating.

This is stated in the Sport Report 2018 of the Mulier Institute and the Social and Cultural Planning Office, which appears every four years.

The figures about sports are predominantly stable. 57 % of the population (12-79 years) sport weekly, 31 percent are members of a sports association and 10 percent are volunteering for an association.

Sports clubs are burdened by declining membership numbers

Individualizes the sport. Traditionally, sports activities have been offered through sports clubs or gyms and fitness centers. But, say the researchers, sport is increasingly taking place in a disorganized context. “Because of individualization, people are looking for freedom of choice and self-direction in the moment of sport and where and with whom is being sports.”

The trend is reflected in a decreasing number of memberships at clubs that are affiliated with NOC * NSF through their sports association. In 2017, the total number of memberships was 5.2 million, more than 3 percent less than in 2014. The memberships were spread over 23,870 sports clubs in 2017.

A growing interest in sports in public spaces

Mulier and CPB furthermore note a growing interest in sports in public space, commercial sports and new forms of sport, such as beach sports, yoga, bootcamp and e-sports (professional gaming). “These activities respond to changing needs and preferences of participants, such as flexibility in time and place.”

According to the so-called Movement Guidelines of the National Institute for Public Health & the Environment (RIVM), adults should exercise at least 2.5 hours at a moderate intensity every week & children at least one hour every day. The report shows that primary school children meet the guidelines most frequently by 55 % in 2017, followed by 49 % of adults & 36 % of seniors.


Michel Mulder thinks that abuse destroys thyroid hormone sports

Michel Mulder does not have a good word for skaters who use thyroid hormones to improve their performance. The Olympic champion of 2014 thinks that abuse destroys the skating sport.

On Thursday it was announced that the KNSB had received signals that some skaters – unclear how many and who – use the hormones incorrectly. The product is not on the doping list, but may not be prescribed just like that.

“I think it is ridiculous that as an athlete you go to the medication that you do not need,” says Mulder, who took the Olympic title at 500 meters four years ago, Friday in the Noordhollands Dagblad.

“In addition, I also find it very worrying and regrettable that there are doctors who prescribe this to healthy athletes, and you put your health at risk.”

The KNSB sent all skaters after the Olympic Games in February in Pyeongchang a letter in which the federation warns against the use of thyroid hormones. The union emphasized a doping-free sport.

‘Every top performance is mistrusted’

Mulder, who was sprinting world champion in 2013 and 2014, is disappointed that skaters who abuse the thyroid hormone put the sport in a bad light.

“You’re destroying the sport, now the whole skating world is getting a question mark over his head, and every top performance is being mistrusted, while I do not want a question mark over my head, because I’m operating in the white area.”

Skating coach Johan de Wit, who is the national coach of Japan, does not understand anything about the skaters who misuse the drug and speaks words with the same meaning.

“It makes me sad, not even angry, it’s how it works in sport, it seems like it’s being done in a devious way with the rules,” he says. “If you try to find the limits in this way, even if it is not a doping operation on paper, then you are very hypocritical, and getting rid of it is ridiculous and sad.”

The Dutch Doping Authority has urged the global anti-doping agency WADA for some time to put the thyroid hormone on the list of banned substances, but so far without success. WADA did, however, initiate an investigation into the drug.

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Ziggo Sport invokes broadcasting rights Italian competition & FA Cup

The next three seasons are the Serie A, the Italian football competition, and the FA Cup, the most important English cup tournament, at Ziggo Sport. The pay-TV channel thus extends the range of competitions to six countries.

Ziggo Sport already had the rights of the English Premier League, while the Spanish Primera División is also in the package. With the Italian competition, which was previously seen at Eurosport, and also matches from Belgium, Portugal and Scotland, the number of competitions comes to six.

Director Will Moerer is pleased that Ziggo Sport has won the Serie A. “With the transfer from Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus and from Justin Kluivert to AS Roma, the Italian Serie A has become a lot more interesting again, with Serie A suddenly hosting five internationals: Stefan de Vrij, Marten de Roon, Kevin Strootman, Hans Hateboer and now also Kluivert. “

“The purchase of the FA Cup matches reinforces our football programming during the weekends that there is no Premier League football on the program,” Moerer explains, enticing the rights of the famous English cup tournament.

Champions League and Nations League

The pay channel also has the rights of the Champions League. During the group phase, the channel broadcasts a switching program in addition to a live competition at 19:00 from 21:00. It switches between the goals and the biggest chances on the various fields. There are also highlights of the match that is broadcast live on Veronica at that moment.

Ziggo Sport has also acquired the broadcasting rights of the Nations League. That competition for national teams starts in the autumn of 2018. By performing well in the Nations League, countries can qualify for the European Championship 2020.

The analyzes concerning the competitions are provided by Youri Mulder, Jan van Halst, Wim Kieft and Danny Blind.

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Dutch champion trampoline jumping Demmers stops out of fear

Jimmy Demmers stops trampolining, partly due to his increased fear of the risks of the sport. The 25-year-old North Hollander took the individual Dutch title in 2013, 2016 and 2017 and participated in the European Championships two years ago.

“On the way to the European Championship qualification I noticed that the motivation was lacking, the qualification left me cold and that was an unreal feeling,” Demmers explains.

“Gradually I also gained an increased awareness of the risks of the sport, which meant that the uninhibited feeling of jumping and flying was no longer there for me.” Little by little the joy in trampolining popped into fear. “

Demmers has therefore decided to stop. At the last Dutch Championships, he individually took silver and with Roel Teillers gold at the synchron jumping. He did not know how to qualify for this year’s European Championships in Baku.

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