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Regional snow-fall coming night

Spring or not, in the night from Monday to Tuesday the temperature drops back to the freezing point & there is a chance of snow again.

Monday, according to Meteo-Group, the atmosphere gets very cold air in the atmosphere & this night, in the northeast & east, temperatures drop to freezing.

At the same time, various showers are moving across the country and it could even turn white due to snowfall. The chance of the latter is mainly in Groningen & Drenthe.


In the 3rd division regional, ZUVO became champion the 1st men’s volleyball team

“The ambition to end high was already there at the start of the season,” says coach Huub van Caam.

“When we quickly headed, we really believed in it.” The first men’s volleyball team of ZUVO became champion in the 3rd division regional. With this, they are promoted to the 2nd division nationwide. The highest achievement so far of the Zundert volleyball club that celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2017.

They lost the real championship match against Sliedrecht Sport. But due to the loss of competitor Tilburg, the first men’s team of ZUVO became champion. That has been a few weeks ago and they are still glowing. “We celebrate a party every week,” they laugh.

“This is fantastic to experience,” says Sietse van den Wijngaart. “The board had arranged a flat cart for us”, adds Michiel Tolenaars. “Performing and having fun, that is what characterizes this team and that is why we have become champions”, Huub thinks. “On the field there is the focus and besides that, we can really go crazy with each other.” He calls it chemistry. “With only a few good players you will not get there”, he knows after years of experience.

“That click is necessary, and a little bit of luck that you do not have many injuries, you just want to play in and for this team,” explains Sietse. “The team has an open atmosphere, we want to win, but the atmosphere after the race and training is certainly so important, just like the coach,” says Stef, who has played for ZUVO since this season. “He is not above us and is just as crazy, but if he has to, he is strict, he knows exactly how to approach each one of us.”


“Our ambition for the new season is to become champion again”, Michiel calls immediately. His teammates temper him a bit. Sietse: “Every game we try to enjoy, and then we see where the ship is stranding, and these guys know that they are not going to earn their living with volleyball,” says Huub.

“But they definitely have a sporting honor, in the 2nd division everything is just sharper and that’s what we need to be, so we’re going to prepare together for the new season with a tournament and fitness together.” Stef, Dirk and Richard nod in the affirmative. “We do not want to stand for cock, do we?

Huub also has two new players in mind. “Not because current players can not handle the level, but to be broader in terms of width.” With just nine players you are too vulnerable as a team when someone is injured, it would be nice if even more Zundertenarians would come to watch our matches ” , the coach concludes. “It’s still fun competitions in which a lot happens, who knows what chemistry will bring us this season.”

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Festival Program of Beautiful Words

The program for the Festival of Beautiful Words in Theater Castellum has been announced. Local and regional talent will surprise the visitors of the event with their arts. The festival ensures that the word is central to this day. In poems, as a text presentation, song, image and sound.

Local talent such as Alexander the Great and StreetliveTv can be seen within the program. Visitors can also count on regional talent such as Arjen Siebel, the storyteller. The organization certainly expects to get a number of nationally known greats to visit.

One can think of Erik Jan Harmens, who will soon release a new novel or Paul Opdam, also known as Priegel. Even internationally, the road is being paved with a performance by Anass Habib and his ensemble.

In addition, the Alphen poet Octay Schoon never translated translated poems by the Turkish poet and writer Hamdi Tanpinar (1901-1962). That is a first. He will present a number of them there.

A large number of Dutch poets will recite from their work, but there will also be discussion, for example about the phenomenon of the poet of the city. The Festival of Beautiful Words ends with a 90-minute performance by SPINVIS

A very attractive & varied program for the whole family from 14.00 to 22.00. The entrance fee is 17.50 euros, children up to 12 years old can enter for free. The first hundred visitors will receive a nice collection of poems with work by poets from the Netherlands.

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In Sint Willebrord, regional washing point opened

The Rucphense alderman Martien de Bruijn opened the new washing point in Steunpunt Gagelstede in Sint Willebrord this week.

This regional laundry facility is intended for clients from the municipalities of Rucphen, Zundert, Etten-Leur and Moerdijk.

A joint washing point has been chosen, so that the work can be done more efficiently. People are eligible for the laundry service if they have a WMO indication.

In total, about 125 people can use this facility. In 2018, the municipality of Halderberge will also join this partnership.

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