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Michel Mulder thinks that abuse destroys thyroid hormone sports

Michel Mulder does not have a good word for skaters who use thyroid hormones to improve their performance. The Olympic champion of 2014 thinks that abuse destroys the skating sport.

On Thursday it was announced that the KNSB had received signals that some skaters – unclear how many and who – use the hormones incorrectly. The product is not on the doping list, but may not be prescribed just like that.

“I think it is ridiculous that as an athlete you go to the medication that you do not need,” says Mulder, who took the Olympic title at 500 meters four years ago, Friday in the Noordhollands Dagblad.

“In addition, I also find it very worrying and regrettable that there are doctors who prescribe this to healthy athletes, and you put your health at risk.”

The KNSB sent all skaters after the Olympic Games in February in Pyeongchang a letter in which the federation warns against the use of thyroid hormones. The union emphasized a doping-free sport.

‘Every top performance is mistrusted’

Mulder, who was sprinting world champion in 2013 and 2014, is disappointed that skaters who abuse the thyroid hormone put the sport in a bad light.

“You’re destroying the sport, now the whole skating world is getting a question mark over his head, and every top performance is being mistrusted, while I do not want a question mark over my head, because I’m operating in the white area.”

Skating coach Johan de Wit, who is the national coach of Japan, does not understand anything about the skaters who misuse the drug and speaks words with the same meaning.

“It makes me sad, not even angry, it’s how it works in sport, it seems like it’s being done in a devious way with the rules,” he says. “If you try to find the limits in this way, even if it is not a doping operation on paper, then you are very hypocritical, and getting rid of it is ridiculous and sad.”

The Dutch Doping Authority has urged the global anti-doping agency WADA for some time to put the thyroid hormone on the list of banned substances, but so far without success. WADA did, however, initiate an investigation into the drug.


Ziggo Sport invokes broadcasting rights Italian competition & FA Cup

The next three seasons are the Serie A, the Italian football competition, and the FA Cup, the most important English cup tournament, at Ziggo Sport. The pay-TV channel thus extends the range of competitions to six countries.

Ziggo Sport already had the rights of the English Premier League, while the Spanish Primera División is also in the package. With the Italian competition, which was previously seen at Eurosport, and also matches from Belgium, Portugal and Scotland, the number of competitions comes to six.

Director Will Moerer is pleased that Ziggo Sport has won the Serie A. “With the transfer from Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus and from Justin Kluivert to AS Roma, the Italian Serie A has become a lot more interesting again, with Serie A suddenly hosting five internationals: Stefan de Vrij, Marten de Roon, Kevin Strootman, Hans Hateboer and now also Kluivert. “

“The purchase of the FA Cup matches reinforces our football programming during the weekends that there is no Premier League football on the program,” Moerer explains, enticing the rights of the famous English cup tournament.

Champions League and Nations League

The pay channel also has the rights of the Champions League. During the group phase, the channel broadcasts a switching program in addition to a live competition at 19:00 from 21:00. It switches between the goals and the biggest chances on the various fields. There are also highlights of the match that is broadcast live on Veronica at that moment.

Ziggo Sport has also acquired the broadcasting rights of the Nations League. That competition for national teams starts in the autumn of 2018. By performing well in the Nations League, countries can qualify for the European Championship 2020.

The analyzes concerning the competitions are provided by Youri Mulder, Jan van Halst, Wim Kieft and Danny Blind.

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Dutch champion trampoline jumping Demmers stops out of fear

Jimmy Demmers stops trampolining, partly due to his increased fear of the risks of the sport. The 25-year-old North Hollander took the individual Dutch title in 2013, 2016 and 2017 and participated in the European Championships two years ago.

“On the way to the European Championship qualification I noticed that the motivation was lacking, the qualification left me cold and that was an unreal feeling,” Demmers explains.

“Gradually I also gained an increased awareness of the risks of the sport, which meant that the uninhibited feeling of jumping and flying was no longer there for me.” Little by little the joy in trampolining popped into fear. “

Demmers has therefore decided to stop. At the last Dutch Championships, he individually took silver and with Roel Teillers gold at the synchron jumping. He did not know how to qualify for this year’s European Championships in Baku.

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How Trump’s involvement overshadows the richest sport in the US

The American National Football League (NFL) is the richest sports competition in the world, but in the run-up to the start of the new season on Thursday it was almost as often about Donald Trump as about the sport itself. How the action of one player, the national anthem and the president have been the most popular sport in the US for two years.

It was one of the worst days in Trump’s tenure, but that was not what the 45th President of the United States wanted to have on this August evening in Charleston, West Virginia.

“You are proud of our country, proud of our history, and unlike the NFL we honor and cherish our great American flag,” Trump said to a supporters’ room. “While NFL players – some, not all – kneel, you are all proud of our national anthem.”

It gave the president applause – and a diversionary maneuver. By his umpteenth attack on the NFL and the kneeling players, Trump did not have to talk about his former campaign leader Paul Manafort, who was convicted earlier this Tuesday for tax evasion and bank fraud. And he did not have to say anything about his former lawyer Michael Cohen, who admitted several hours earlier that he had paid silent money to porn actress Stormy Daniels on behalf of Trump.

Trump used a tried and tested tactic in Charleston, which he knows will appeal to his supporters. And so it is a tactic that causes the shock of the 32 NFL owners.

First kneeling player has no club anymore

The American footballer who first knelt two years ago while playing the national anthem for an NFL contest to draw attention to the oppression of minorities in the US, also spoke four months earlier for a full house, although the setting was incomparable.

Colin Kaepernick (30), who filed a lawsuit against the NFL because he believes that owners have conspired to no longer offer him a new contract, received the Ambassador of Conscience Award in Amsterdam in April, a prize that Amnesty International annually presents to someone who has dedicated himself to human rights in a special way.

Kaepernick rarely says anything publicly since he abandoned his contract with San Francisco 49ers in early 2017 and – completely against his will – disappeared from the NFL, but for this occasion he made an exception. In seven minutes the son of a white mother and a dark father, who was adopted as a baby by a white couple, held a fiery and sometimes very emotional argument.

“How can you stand for the national anthem of a country that proclaims freedom and justice for all, but that treats many of its inhabitants so unjustly?” Kaepernick asked his audience. “How can you not be furious if you know that there is always a risk of people falling in the street? How can you consciously close your eyes to the truth that there is systematic, racially colored injustice?”

Kaepernick took security to Amsterdam

It was a speech that all the major American TV news had made, were it not that Kaepernick and his management did not want the speech to be broadcast live. The speech was only fully published days later on the YouTube channel of Amnesty International.

“We noticed that there was a lot of interest from the media, but Kaepernick was very worried about publicity that he himself did not control”, says Eduard Nazarski, director of Amnesty International Netherlands, four months later. “He also did not want to be interviewed.” I am a sportsman, not a media fan, “he said.

“I really liked his speech, I told him that afterwards, but he and his manager – whom he blindly trusts – thought the safety and the double check before things came out were more important.”

Large groups of Americans do not see the movement that Kaepernick started as a protest against oppression of minorities, but as unpatriotic, as a sign that the kneeling player does not respect the US.

“Kaepernick has found a way to tackle the combination of racism and a far too brutal police action in the US, that is quite an achievement,” says Nazarski. “But it has also caused him a lot of problems personally, from the fact that he still has no new club to abuse and hatred.”

“He must fear for his safety, and he wished it would be less than 24 hours in advance to announce that he would receive our award, he had a few huge guards with him, and it is impossible to describe what that man is. has gotten over him. “

Timeline Colin Kaepernick

  • 2012/2013: Quarterback Colin Kaepernick leads San Francisco 49ers in his first season as a base player to the Super Bowl. The 49ers narrowly lose the final of the NFL season of Baltimore Ravens.
  • June 2014: Kaepernick signs a six-year contract worth up to 126 million dollars for the 49ers.
  • August 2016: Kaepernick stays on the couch during the preseason while playing the national anthem. His action is not noticed until after three weeks. He explains to a journalist from that he is protesting against the oppression of minorities in the US.
  • September 2016: After a conversation with a former commando from the American army, Kaepernick decides to kneel during the national anthem.
  • March 2017: Kaepernick explains the option to terminate his contract with the 49ers, making him transfer free. No club dares to hire him afterwards.
  • November 2017: Kaepernick starts an arbitration case against the NFL. He claims that the owners of the clubs conspire to offer him no contract.
  • August 2018: An independent arbitrator determines that the lawsuit of Kaepernick may go against the NFL.

“Get that bastard straight from the field!”

That Kaepernick finds it necessary to hire security in a city where he is relatively anonymous on the street, draws the harsh way in which the debate about whether or not to kneel during the national anthem is being conducted in the US. And Trump, who unsuccessfully tried to become the owner of NFL club Buffalo Bills in 2014, has not been idle for a moment since he was president to feed the sentiment against the kneeling NFL players.

Last September, the president gave a clear advice to the NFL at a meeting in Huntsville, Alabama. “Would you not like to see an NFL owner say to a player who does not show respect for the flag:” Get that bastard off the field, he is fired! ” That owner would then be the most popular person in the country for a week. “

These statements caused a significant increase in the number of protests for the NFL games of that weekend a few days later, but Trump was not impressed. In November he wrote on Twitter: “You can believe that players can not continue to show respect for our country, our flag and our national anthem without being punished for it.” The NFL boss has no control over his increasingly poorly performing competition. players are the boss! “

‘Everyone in NFL wants Trump to stop his attacks’

Whether the NFL is getting worse is the question, because between September and February tens of millions of Americans still vote every week at the NFL competitions and the most popular sports competition in the US achieved an estimated turnover of 12 billion euros last year. But the NFL and its wealthy club owners understand that every Trump attack is bad for their bottom line.

“Our problem is that we have a president who kneels during the national anthem for his own gain, which causes division and is terrible,” said New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, a friend of Trump, last October at a meeting at the head office of the NFL, in audio that leaked through The New York Times.

“It is problematic that Trump is so interested in what we do,” the influential Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, also a friend of the president, stated last month. “I, and with everyone in the NFL, would very much like this to stop.”

The NFL tried in May with new rules to put an end to his ‘national anthem’. The organization decided that teams would get a penalty if a player did not stand while playing the national anthem. Players were given the option to remain in the locker room during the Star-Spangled Banner.

This compromise was very badly received by the players’ union, and after it leaked out in July that Miami Dolphins would have to suspend its players for four matches if they would kneel, there was an agreement between the players and the NFL that there would be no new rules for the time being. the National anthem. And so with the new season at the door, the end of this national discussion and Trump’s involvement is far from clear.

‘Discussion about racism among American police will certainly continue’

Miami Dolphins player Kenny Stills watched the early afternoon of playing the national anthem for the practice match against Tampa Bay Buccaneers and saw to his relief that he was not the only one to kneel. His new teammate Albert Wilson also chose not to stand.

“I did not know he would also kneel, it just happened,” Stills said after the game. “It has not been easy to be part of this protest, I thought I would be on my own today, but I’m glad that Albert is also seeing what’s going on in America and that he wants to do something about it. “

Stills, Wilson and a handful of other kneeling players will ensure that Kaepernick still has an important supporting role in the upcoming NFL season, although there is no chance he will ever be on the field again.

“The discussion about racism among the American police is going anyway,” says Amnesty International director Nazarski. “Forecasting is always left soup in human rights, but Kaepernick has loosened something with his action, something that you will not easily get away from American society.”

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